Phoenix, Arizona’s Most Trusted Auto Machine Shop for Over 15 Years

When it comes to your vehicle’s engine, you can trust our 30+ years of experience to complete your rebuild or inspection. Here at Silvano’s Auto Machine Shop, we will get you back on the road with a better performing engine without breaking the bank.

Our Services

Engine Rebuilds

We offer high-quality engine rebuild services with a limited two-year warranty. Rebuilding your engine will increase the lifespan of your vehicle and enhance its performance.

Cylinder Head Rebuilds

The cylinder head is one of the most complex structures of your vehicle’s engine. It is crucial to the performance of your engine and can be prone to defects due to its exposure to high temperatures and abrasion.

Our team has the experience you need to rebuild your engine’s cylinder head. All of our machines are computer-controlled (CNC) and are able to perform three and five-angle cut valve seats. Our CBN and PCD cutters allow us to cut extremely accurate parts, every time.

We also provide high-quality parts at wholesale prices.


Engine Blocks

Services we provided for blocks are:

  • Warp and Crack Inspection
  • Baked
  • VAT
  • Shot blast
  • Mill Deck
  • Bore Cylinder
  • Hone Cylinder
  • Chamfer
  • Cam Installation


Crankshafts are ground by our engine parts wholesaler. Service is on an exchange basis, with most crankshafts being available the same day. All bearings are included with the service.